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Frequently Asked Questions.

The people who care.....we love dogs &cats..!


  • What time can I drop my pet off?

The boarding kennels are open for drop off and collection 7am to 6pm daily.

  • My dog isn't used to being alone. Will you play with and cuddle him?

Your dog/cat will get regular interaction from staff to ensure they enjoy their stay with us.​

  • My dog is going to be in season - can she still board with you?

Female dogs in season can still board with us.

  • I am worried that my dog will catch something while he's with you. What steps do you take to ensure this doesn't happen?

As a fully licensed kennel we require your dog/cat to have fully up-to-date annual innoculations, plus kennel cough innoculations for dogs at least 10 days prior to their stay.  Our staff are fully trained in infection control.

  • My dog is nervous of strangers. Will you treat him sensitively?

If your dog is nervous our fully trained staff will spend time with them to relax them and to ensure they enjoy their stay with us.

  • My dog is a valuable pedigree. Can you ensure that he will be safe and secure, especially at night?

All our kennel blocks are locked at night; all our doors have five lever locking actions and we have CCTV on site, plus our own guard dogs in the central yard.

  • My dog is diabetic and needs insulin injections. Can you medicate him?

If your pet requires injections this is no problem; we have qualified staff on site.  

  • My dog requries medication. Can you ensure that he is given his tablets every day?

We can administer all types of medication.

  • My dog is on a special diet. Can you feed him his own food if I bring it with me?

If your dog/cat is on a special or prescription diet, you have to provide this .

  • What will you feed my dog?

We will feed your dog/cat its normal diet twice per day.

Our Routine

  • Dog love schedule and routine so they know what to expect and what to do.

Wake up time!

  • It's time for a quick bathroom break before breakfast while their kennels is cleaned and a fresh pail and water and their food is placed in their room.

Let's play!

  • After all of the pets have had a chance to have breakfast it's time for some exercies and play,where we play ball,run around,or take dip in the's private outdoor area in a lovely grassy communal area with toys!

​It's time to settle down!

  • There is a lot of stimulation during the day so we provide the dogs with a quiet time twice a day when we close the kennel as to not disturb them and they can nap in their room.

Time to play again!

  • it's time for the dogs take turns playing i the exercise yard again then..

It's supper time!

  • After supper there is another quiet time where the kennel is closed as to not disturb your pets nap.

Last chance!

  • Between 6pm and 7.30 pm your pet has one more chance for a stretch of its legs and potty while their kennel is tidied water refreshed before they get their bed time and sanck and get tucked in for night.

Contact: 0544500316/0558738190

Wen you only want the best for your pet....